Deep Biblical insight, meaningful personal stories, topped off with reserved British wit:  “God’s Power Unleashed.”

God’s Power Unleashed. A Book of Acts Journey with Professor David L. Jones

Acts is a book of power . . . “God’s Power Unleashed” to the world.  Heaven came to earth in the form of the Holy Spirit, available to each of us individually, on the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2:1-4).  The Holy Spirit turned Peter from a scared disciple of Jesus to an empowered witness for Jesus.  The Holy Spirit turned Saul, a zealot for Jewish law, to Paul, a witness for Jesus all over the known world of that time.  How can the Holy Spirit transform you?  Allow this book to challenge you to a deeper understanding, appreciation and interaction with the Holy Spirit.

Wisdom In Power

Diving into this book will give you gems of Biblical wisdom, mined by one of the great Bible professors and preachers of his time, Rev. David L. Jones.  Some may have known him as Brother Jones, Pastor Jones, Professor Jones, or even “Pope Jones”, as he was dubbed at the end of his teaching career at Trinity Bible College, in Ellendale, North Dakota.  David L. Jones gave most of his adult life, 50+ years, to full-time ministry as a pastor and as a Bible college professor.  His style of teaching and preaching were thought-provoking, life-altering and heart-changing, and always peppered with his signature British wit.  You will have any of those reactions yourself while reading “God’s Power Unleashed,” as well as enjoying his wit.  As a congregant of his said of him, “Pastor Jones ministered with humble authority, walking the path as a servant leader, teaching, guiding and facilitating with the presence of God surrounding him” (Jo Clements).

Meet Jen Courtney
About The Author

Meet Jen Courtney

Jennifer (Jones) Courtney, daughter and grand-daughter of two preaching and teaching greats, is a 3rd generation minister; spanning almost 100 years of a Jones in full-time ministry. She is grateful for her spiritual heritage and loves that God has called her to continue the tradition of cherishing and spreading the message of God’s Word. She has been pastoring with her husband since 1994, starting in youth and young adult ministries, and now lead pastoring churches alongside her husband. She is ordained with the Assemblies of God, serving as the Discipleship Pastor at her current church, and teaching future ministers at the Minnesota School of Ministry. She loves her craft room, her green Mini Cooper (named Mr. Bean) and all things winter and snow. She lives with her husband, Dan, in Central Minnesota and has two adult daughters, Allison and Megan.

Meet David Lancaster Jones
About David Lancaster Jones

Meet David Lancaster Jones

David Lancaster Jones, born in England in 1938, grew up like a proper British chap and somehow became the wise, witty, and sarcastic preacher and professor everyone knew affectionately as:  Brother Jones.  Before he joined the Church Triumphant in 2021, he knew that his daughter was getting his life’s work published.  He was an ordained minister in the Assemblies of God for over 50 years and was a favorite pastor or professor of many.  Over 25 years of his ministry career was spent pastoring churches in Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, and Nebraska.  The rest of his ministry career was spent at Trinity Bible College in Ellendale, North Dakota instilling into future ministers a love for God’s Word and the enormous honor and responsibility of sharing that with others.  You couldn’t be in a class or congregation of his without appreciating the depth of His biblical wisdom or laughing at a witty comment you didn’t see coming!  He was one of a kind.  He was married to his high school sweetheart, Mary G. Jones for 60 years, before she went to heaven in 2019.  Together they raised 5 children:  Wendy, Becky, Heidi, Jennifer and Adam, along with being foster parents to over 100 children.

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